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Pink is the New Blog | Everybody's Business Is My Business

Pink is the New Blog | Everybody's Business Is My Business

Nicholas Hoult Does ‘BlackBook’ Magazine

Posted: 03 Jun 2011 03:30 PM PDT

Hottie actor Nicholas Holt, who starred in the UK TV series Skins as well as the Tom Ford-directed film A Single Man, is featured in the new issue of BlackBook magazine … timed perfectly with the release of his new film X-Men: First Class (which opened in theaters today). As you can see from the photos below, not even a severe new hair’do can diminish the young man’s stunning beauty. Check out photos form his BlackBook photospread below.

Nicholas‘s interview can be read HERE but it’s all about the photos for me. I’ve been a huge fan of his since I discovered him on Skins and have followed his career since. He is an inspired actor and I get excited every time I hear he’s in a new project. You can imagine my glee when I learned he would be appearing in X-Men: First Class. As you can see, Hoult takes a pretty picture … but it is his talent that keeps me coming back for more.


Shania Twain Gets A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Posted: 03 Jun 2011 02:30 PM PDT

Country popstar Shania Twain was honored today on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with her very own star — the 2,442nd star to be exact. With her new husband Frédéric Thiébaud by her side, Shania accepted her plaque as her Walk of Fame star was unveiled under the shining California sun. Click below to see some photos from Shania‘s star ceremony.

Canadian country pop diva Shania Twain has been honored with a star on Hollywood’s storied Walk of Fame, and voiced surprise that she had come so far. “I mean, why is a girl from Timmins, Ontario, standing here, getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?” the Grammy-winner asked. “I really don’t know… it’s a small miracle, to be honest, that I am here today.” Twain, who just published her memoirs and launched a new TV show, was joined by veteran actress Bo Derek to receive the star, the 2,442nd to grace the sidewalk along Hollywood Boulevard. Born Eilleen Regina Edwards in Windsor, Ontario, she and her two sisters were adopted by her mother’s second husband, Jerry Twain, who legally changed their last names to his … Her mother and stepfather died in a car crash in 1987, when she returned to her hometown of Timmins to care for her younger siblings, but Twain released a self-titled debut album in 1993 that reached 67th on the US country charts. Her big break came with her second album “The Woman In Me” in 1995, which went on to sell more than 12 million copies, and won her a Grammy Award in 1996 for best country album. The Hollywood honor came five months after the 45-year-old tied the knot with Frederic Thiebaud, two years after splitting with her husband of 14 years Robert Lange — who allegedly had an affair with Thiebaud’s then-wife. Twain and music producer Lange had married in 1993, six months after meeting. Living between homes in New Zealand and Switzerland, the couple had a son who was six when they separated.

Ugh … considering how much heartache Shania Twain has endured her entire life — from childhood into adulthood — you’d think she’d be willing to just give it all up and hide away from the world. Instead, she soldiered forward, achieved her dreams and decided to live life on her terms. Love her or not, you have to give it up to her for finding success and happiness despite all the obstacles thrown her way. Let’s send our love and congrats to Shania on this latest accomplishment.

Now … if she would only release a new album ;)

[Photo credit: Wireimage; Source]

Watch: Bravo TV Releases A Video Teaser For ‘The Real Housewives Of OC’ Season 6 Reunion Special

Posted: 03 Jun 2011 01:44 PM PDT

The 6th season of Bravo TV‘s hit series The Real Housewives of Orange County ends this Sunday June 5 but right now we get our very first look at the OC Housewives Season 6 reunion special that will air the following week. As you Housewives fans know, the reunion specials tend to get a little heated … and from the look of this video teaser, the OC Housewives Season 6 reunion special will get PLENTY heated, indeed.

Oh man … so trashy, so fun. I totally hate myself sometimes for enjoying this kind of entertainment but, damn, I just can’t help it. These women, IMHO, really turn on the drama for this TV series. It’s not that I disbelieve all the fighting, it’s that I know that they heighten the drama for the TV cameras. Previews for the finale ep, set to air on Sunday, show a physical altercation between Tamra Barney (who is an actual castmember) and Jeana Keough (who is a former castmember no longer on the show but does her best to weasel her way back in front of the cameras). It remains to be seen if any physicality will take place during the reunion … but this clip makes it clear that there will be fireworks.


Burn Out

Posted: 03 Jun 2011 12:43 PM PDT

Last night I met up with my friend Jen and her friends Stacey and Mark at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, CA to see Cinderella live in concert. Now, back in the day — 25 years ago, when Cinderella first came onto the scene — I was too young to be allowed to see the band in concert. While I was never a huge fan of the band, I did like some of their music and enjoyed a bit that hair/metal music scene. Last night, on the band’s 25th anniversary tour, I finally got to see the band in action.

The show as no fluff, no frills … just straight rock and roll the entire time. The band played all of their hits and they sounded pretty damn amazing, too. If you closed your eyes, and I’m not even kidding, you would think you were rockin’ out to a Cinderella concert back in 1986. Of course, when you opened your eyes you’d see that all of those headbangers from back in the day have grown up to become, well, much older headbangers ;) The show as ridiculously fun and we had a blast. After the show, we made our way to The Standard for some late night eats and then called it a night. So fun.

Tonight, David and I are seeing X-Men: First Class and then I’m going out to Key Club to see kidneythieves live in concert. It’s the weekend (again), y’all! Enjoy!!

Les News, 060311

Posted: 03 Jun 2011 12:10 PM PDT

Spotted! Justin Bieber Picks His Nose

Posted: 03 Jun 2011 11:20 AM PDT

Yesterday we saw photos of popstar Justin Bieber chillin’ in Canada with his girlfriend Selena Gomez but today we get to see photos of the Biebs hangin’ out all by himself. Bieber was just standing around, minding his own business on his grandmother’s front porch and he decided to pick his nose. Now, normally, this wouldn’t be an issue for any regular person … but with so many cameras trained on Bieber‘s every move, well, it’s kinda gross.

Honestly, you can’t even make the “He’s just a kid” excuse because there are a lot of older, kinda gross adults who have no problem digging their fingers into their noses in public. At the very least, these photos humanize the Biebs. I think it’s hilarious that he decided to pick his nose when he thought no one was looking, away from Selena. Let’s just hope he washes his hands before he runs off to grab Selena‘s butt or rub her feet.

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

First Listen: Joe Jonas, ‘See No More’

Posted: 03 Jun 2011 10:57 AM PDT

Joe Jonas, 1/3 of the pop group Jonas Brothers, has released his debut solo single and right now you can get your first listen of the track. See No More wasn’t supposed to be released until this afternoon but, as is usually the case with these sorts of things, the song managed to make its way to the Interwebs a wee bit early. Interested? Listen to the track below.

The quality of this video embed isn’t fantastic but you do get a pretty good feel for the track. IMHO, the song neither revolutionary nor is it all that spectacularly interesting but if you’re a Jonas fan, you might dig it:

So … whadda ya think? Do we like?


Elton John Takes The Family For A Venetian Cruise

Posted: 03 Jun 2011 10:45 AM PDT

Elton John, his hubby David Furnish and their Elton clone baby son Zachary Jackson Levon have made their way to Venice, Italy for a bit of a family vacay and were spotted having a grand ol’ time together on a yacht this week. As you can see from the photos below, little Zach is getting bigger and bigger by the day … and he is looking more and more like his daddy Elton John. Check out the happy fam below.

They have refused to reveal who his father is – but the chubby cheeks could have given the game away. With their round faces, Elton John and his son Zachary looked uncannily similar during a trip to Venice yesterday. And the five-month-old's big blue eyes put onlookers in mind of Sir Elton's 1982 hit Blue Eyes. Zachary's other father, filmmaker David Furnish, joined the pair on their visit to the Venice Biennale, a contemporary art exhibition. The proud parents cuddled and cooed over their new addition as they travelled across the city. The little boy, who was born to a surrogate mother on Christmas Day last year, will grow up to call Sir Elton 'Daddy' and Furnish 'Papa'. But the couple do not yet know who the child's biological father is. Furnish said: 'Neither of us care. He's our child. The important thing is that he's healthy and happy and loved … Elton has previously pledged to make Zachary a grounded child despite his parents’ fame and riches. The Rocket Man singer said: ‘I so value my own childhood now, and we want to give Zachary – as much as we possibly can – the same thing. A solid old-fashioned childhood, if you like.’

Oh yeah, it doesn’t get more “old fashioned” than a yacht cruise in the canals of Venice. Let’s be real here, Elton John is extravagantly wealthy … it is utterly ridiculous to believe that he plans to do anything but shower his only child with wealth beyond imagining … and it’s OK. I don’t get why celebs tend to taut how “normal” they plan to raise their children when we know the opposite will be true. As long as this beautiful little boy is loved and adored by his parents, who cares how wealthily they will live? This family looks so happy … that is all that matters.

[Photo credit: Splash News, INFdaily; Source]

Scarlett Johansson & Sean Penn Are Dunzo!

Posted: 03 Jun 2011 09:36 AM PDT

Back in March we first learned that 26 year old Scarlett Johansson and 50 year old Sean Penn had coupled up and started dating. In the weeks that followed, the couple tried to keep their new relationship under wraps but early last month they finally stepped out in public together … showing the world that they were very much attached. Today we learn that that attachment has come to an end. Scarlett and Sean have decided to end their romantic affiliation … well, actually, word is that Sean decided to dump Scarlett. But, the end result is the same … they’re dunzo, y’all!

Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn are no longer dating, a source tells PEOPLE. Speculation about the pair began after Johansson did not attend the Cannes Film Festival with Penn for his movie The Tree of Life. She has been working on The Avengers in New Mexico, reprising her role of Black Widow from Iron Man 2. Johansson, 26, and Penn, 50, made headlines when they took a whirlwind trip to Cabo San Lucas after being spotted getting flirty together during a lunch date in Los Angeles. The pair attended a White House Correspondents’ Dinner party in Washington D.C. in April and had been spotted in a series of cozy outings in L.A. The reason for the split wasn’t immediately known. Reps declined to comment.

Meh … easy come, easy go. Many people found the paring of Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn odd, particularly because of the disparity in their ages, but the pairing made sense to me. It was clear that if Scarlett couldn’t be happily married to a young, handsome man like Ryan Reynolds then she obviously was looking for a different type of man … an older, wizened and a bit of a grisly man, I’d say. rumor has it that it was Sean that decided to end the relationship so … yeah, it sounds like Scarlett got dumped. Ah well … she dumped Ryan, Sean dumps her … romantic karma at play? It’ll be interesting to see who these two couple up with next. Any guesses who Scarlett might go after next?

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

Watch: ‘Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes’ Releases A Second Trailer

Posted: 03 Jun 2011 08:42 AM PDT

Back in April we got our first look at the first movie trailer for the upcoming prequel film Rise of the Planet of the Apes. That first trailer was pretty freakin’ sweet, if I do say so myself. Today we get to check out the newly released second trailer for the film … and this one is even better than the first. While the first trailer gave a pretty good overall look at the film, this second trailer is more focused on the particular ape that is the genesis of the fall of mankind … and the rise of apes. Check it out below.

I am LOVING this film. It is such an inventive way to tell a new Planet of the Apes story that will, hopefully, be respectful of the original Apes films and, yet, will provide new entertainment for a whole new audience of people who may not be familiar with the classic films from the 60′s. The only thing that I can’t really believe in either of these trailers is the fact that James Franco plays a brilliant scientist. Yes, I can totally buy that a group of apes can achieve super intelligence and can bring about the fall of human civilization … but I have a really hard time believing that Franco can play a brilliant scientist. Just hearing him talk “scientific” makes me laugh. Still, I am very excited for this film. I cannot WAIT for it to hit theaters in August. So, I gotta know … what do y’ all think of this new trailer?


P!nk Gives Birth To A Baby Girl

Posted: 03 Jun 2011 08:18 AM PDT

After a seemingly eternal pregnancy, I am happy to report that P!nk (neé Alecia Beth Moore) finally gave birth to her first born child! P!nk and hubby Carey Hart welcomed into the world a daughter they have named Willow Sage, who was born yesterday. Those of you bump watchers who have been following P!nk‘s pregnancy may recall that it felt like she was pregs for about 8 years … but, at last, she popped! Read below for all the known deets about Willow Sage‘s arrival.

Pink is a mom – and she’s thinking pink, too! The singer, 31, gave birth to a daughter, Willow Sage Hart, on Thursday in Los Angeles, she announced via Twitter:

Just a day prior, the singer sounded ready to meet her baby, Tweeting a cryptic message on Wednesday night about it being a good time for new beginnings under an auspicious astrological sky. “New Moon in Gemini today :) a good time to start something new…. Also called the Honey Moon. #intoit,” she wrote.

Awww … P!nk is a mommy … and it’s about time, too! It really does seem like she’s been carrying around that massive baby bump for ages. I’ve always been of the mind that P!nk would make a fantastic mother … she and Carey really seem like they will make amazingly cool parents. Let’s send the happy, newly expanded family all our love and congrats today. Welcome to the world little Miss Willow Sage! Woot!

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

Dr. Jack Kevorkian Passes Away At Age 83

Posted: 03 Jun 2011 07:51 AM PDT

Dr. Jack Kevorkian, the Michigan based physician who infamously became an advocate for physician assisted suicide in the early 90′s and eventually paid by the price for helping others end their own lives, passed away himself this morning at the age of 83 years old. Kevorkian died of complications due to a blood clot that lodged in his heart. For better or worse, Kevorkian became the biggest supporter of terminally ill patients’ rights … a crusade that he was punished for with incarceration. After being hospitalized for about a week, Kevorkian‘s own life came to an end.

Dr. Jack Kevorkian — embraced as a compassionate crusader and reviled as a murderous crank — died early this morning. Known as Dr. Death even before launching his fierce advocacy and practice of assisted suicides, Kevorkian, 83, died at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, where he had been hospitalized with kidney and heart problems. His attorney, Mayer Morganroth, said it appears Kevorkian suffered a pulmonary thrombosis when a blood clot from his leg broke free and lodged in his heart. With Kevorkian was his niece Ava Janus and Morganroth. "It was peaceful, he didn't feel a thing," Morganroth said. Morganroth said there were no artificial attempts to keep Kevorkian alive and no plans for a memorial. Kevorkian was convicted in 1999 of second-degree murder and served eight years of prison time. Kevorkian was hospitalized twice in May because of kidney problems and a fall. Additionally he suffered from an array of ailments including liver and heart disorders … He admitted being present at about 130 suicides and his hectoring defiance of established laws and protocols forced reexamination of personal freedoms in medical treatments and end-of-life decisions. Since his first acknowledged assisted suicide in 1990, authorities had tried to rein in Kevorkian as the toll of his clients soared. He was charged four times with murder only to have three juries acquit him and one case collapse in mistrial. That streak of courtroom triumphs ended with the 1998 death of Thomas Youk, 52, of Waterford, who had Lou Gehrig's disease. In a self-inflicted triple injury, Kevorkian videotaped himself injecting Youk, had it broadcast on "60 Minutes," and then acted as his own lawyer in the ensuing Oakland County murder trial. Kevorkian was convicted of second-degree murder and drew a 10-25-year prison term at his 1999 sentencing. He was released in 2005 and discharged from parole in 2009.

The matter of physician assisted suicide was big news all over the world, yes, but nowhere bigger than in Detroit where Kevorkian was from. I vividly remember the sensation his actions caused on the daily news programs in the early years of the 90′s. Kevorkian drew much fire for his stance on physician assisted suicide, and his attitude about the practice didn’t help, but IMHO he provided a service to suffering patients who wanted to die with a peace and dignity that their terminal illnesses would not afford them. Last year, Kevorkian‘s story was told in an HBO mini-series starring Al Paccino. Truth be told, I’ve always been a supporter of the individual’s right to die … in terminal cases. I cannot understand why a person who is suffering a slow, painful and degrading death could not be allowed to end their own suffering in a quick, painless and peaceful way. Kevorkian, IMHO, never killed anyone … he just allowed the dying the ability to end their suffering on their own terms. It’s a very controversial topic, one that isn’t likely to be settled anytime soon, but with Kevorkian‘s death comes the end of his bold crusade for terminally patients’ rights. Dr. Kevorkian has been maligned by many, praised by others … he was no middle of the road man. And, in the end, 83 year old Kevorkian succumbed to a natural causes death.


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