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FIRST LOOK: Pregnant Bella marvels at her growing tummy in new Twilight: Breaking Dawn trailer


She's in shock! The New Breaking Dawn trailer shown at the MTV Movie Awards last night shows fans a sneak peek of Bella Swan pregnant

As she looks in the mirror and strokes her swollen stomach Bella Swan appears extremely confused.

And given that her husband Edward Cullen isn’t even human, carrying his baby would seem impossible - but then anything can happen in the sleepy town of Forks.

Fans of the Twilight vampire saga have to wait until November to see the release of the fourth instalment, Breaking Dawn, but until then a new two-minute trailer has been released offering fans a sneak peek.

Winning pair: Kristen Stewart and boyfriend Robert Pattinson pose together backstage at the Movie Awards after picking up a number of awards for Eclipse

The trailer, shown at last night's MTV Music Awards, sees Bella and Edward make a lifelong commitment to each other and it's a scene set to break a million hearts.

Robert Pattinson's much-adored character Edward stands at the altar, awaiting his bride.

He stands under a flower-laden bower, with rose petals littering the aisle. The couple's friends line the way, looking back to see the bride's dress.

Twilight's night: Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart on the red carpet at the MTV Movie awards last night where the franchise won five awards

Happy couple: Kristen Stewart and actor Robert Pattinson accept the Best Kiss award onstage

But fans hoping to see the bridal costume of Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart, will have to wait.

Producers have only offered a hint of her outfit, with close-up shots of the gleaming white stone in her ring as her hand clasps Edwards, and of her jewelled hair clip and veil.

During filming of the scenes the cast and crew went to extreme lengths to prevent prying eyes seeing the wedding.

Swathes of tarpaulin, huge marquees, road blocks and armed police were all used to keep the scenes under wraps.

What did Kristen say? After accepting the award for Best Kiss with his girlfriend Robert jumped off the stage and gave co-star Taylor Lautner a kiss

Canoodling couple: Robert and Kristen were seen holding hands and cuddling backstage after picking up their award for Best Kiss

The trailer also shows snippets of their romantic honeymoon where the newlyweds are seen kissing passionately in a crowd and skinny dipping in a beautiful and secluded lake.

Their honeymoon is also where Edward and Bella consummate their marriage - leading to Bella falling pregnant.

Don't get jealous girls! Bella and Edward are seen consummating their marriage on their honeymoon in a number of raunchy scenes

Nice view: Another scene from the two-minute trailer shows the newlyweds skinny dipping and enjoying a passionate kiss in a secluded lake

But as she looks into the mirror in awe of the life growing inside her, the fairytale takes a turn for the worse - she endures a stabbing pain in her stomach, leaving her bent double.

And it seems that Bella isn't the only one who will be suffering, as the trailer starts we see that not everyone is happy about their nuptials.

Get a room! The couple are also seen smooching in a crowd just like any other newlyweds

As the wedding invitations are received by Bella's friends and family her father appears subdued while fans of Team Jacob will be pleased to see that Taylor Lautner is as buff as ever as he runs off shirtless into the forest, frantic after learning of the wedding.

The Twilight cast were out in force at the MTV Movie Awards last night, where the two-minute trailer was shown and Kristen and Robert were awarded the gong for Best Kiss.

While the couple took to the stage to collect their award RPatz clearly didn't want co-star Lautner to feel left out and the British actor jumped off stage to kiss his male colleague, instead of his girlfriend.

Sorry girls: Edward, played by Robert Pattinson, waits for his fiancé Bella at the altar in a newly released clip from Twilight: Breaking Dawn

The marriage of the year: Guests turn to greet Bella

The ring: Newlywed Bella clasps her husband's arm after the ceremony

First glimpse: Bella's jewelled hair clip and veil

It turned into a Twilight night when the franchise picked up the awards for Best Movie, Best Male Performance, Best Female Performance and Best Fight.

While the awards saw the first showing of the longer trailer the anticipation about the film was such that fans couldn't wait, and stills of the couple consummating their marriage and Bella giving birth were leaked.

Author Stephanie Meyer released a statement begging fans not to post photos and to wait for the film.

She wrote: 'Please, for those who are posting, stop.

And please, though the temptation is high, don’t view or pass on these images. Wait for the film in its beautiful, finished entirety to thrill you.'

Die-hard fans have longed for this happy ending for four years.

However, the couple's happiness is short-lived. Bella's daughter is a half-vampire half-human daughter who prefers sucking on her blood to drinking warm milk.

The rest of the two films see Bella fighting a lethal battle with her unborn child who grows rapidly inside her, feeding off her blood and eventually leading Bella to her death bed.

This forces Edward to make the life-changing decision, to lose the human Bella he loves forever, or to finally give in to her dying wish and give her the eternal life she has been asking for.

The MTV Movie Awards will be shown on MTV tonight at 9pm.

source: dailymail

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