Monday, June 6, 2011

'Superhands' chef takes cooking to the extreme by dipping his bare hands into BOILING fat


Record breaker: Kann Trichan can pluck 20 pieces of chicken from 480C fat in a minute

Dipping his hands into hot boiling fat this chef takes his cooking to the extreme.

Kann 'Superhands' Trichan can bury his hands deep into hot boiling fat and sieve fried chicken with his own fingers.

Amazingly the 50-year-old - a world record holder - walks away with no blisters at all.

'When I put my hands into the oil it feels hot but it doesn't burn or blister my skin,' said Kann, from Chiang Mai, in Thailand. 'I can fry rice, chicken, and many things with just my bare hands.'

Mr Trichan likes showing off to people and is something of a local attraction at the market where he works

Kann discovered his unique talent seven years ago when he was accidentally splashed with hot oil but suffered no injury.

The father of two, was working on his fried chicken stall when he spotted a squirrel balancing on a tree eating a mango.

The mango fell and splashed into a huge wok of hot fat right next to him.
'The fat flew everywhere, all over my head, arms, hands. It should've seriously hurt me,' he said.

'I remember looking in the mirror, expecting to see blisters and red blotches, but there was nothing,' he added. 'The redness had disappeared. There was nothing.'
The the astonishment of his fellow market stall holders, he went back to work the next day.

'They couldn't believe I was back at work so soon,' he laughed. 'And then everyone wanted to see this man who had survived a hot oil shower.'

Mr Trichan started experimenting with his new found talent and started picking out pieces of fried chicken from a pan of hot fat with his hands.

'The people were loving it. They'd never seen anything like it before.

He can bury his hands deep into the boiling fat and sieve fried chicken with his own fingers

'The people were loving it. They'd never seen anything like it before.

'People were coming from all over just to buy my chicken and watch me spoon it out with hands.'

Over the last seven years Kann has become an international star and has traveled the world with his wife, Tuan, 45, showcasing his skills.

His daughter, Supalak, 34 and son Jessada, 27, couldn't be prouder.

'We never get bored of watching him, it's amazing,' said Jessada. 'We're very proud to have a dad like him.'

Kann holds the Guinness Book of World Record for picking 20 pieces of fried chicken out of 480c boiling fat in 1 minute.

Unscathed: There are no marks on his hands despite putting his hand in the bubbling hot oil

'I have no idea how I can do what I do,' he said. 'It's crazy, but my stall gets busier and busier every day with tourists and customers wanting to see me.'

His popular little stall sits outside Chiang Mai technical college, 470 miles north of Bangkok.

'Don't forget, when you're in the area come and see me and try my chicken - The Fried Chicken Iron Hands Man.'

He has become known as 'Superhands' after discovering his skill when a squirrel dropped a piece of melon into the pot splashing hot fat all over him

source: dailymail

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