Saturday, June 4, 2011

Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton

Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton

Whitney Houston Seeks Additional Treatment

Posted: 04 Jun 2011 01:00 PM PDT


Smart move, Whitney.

After completing her 30-day out-patient rehab program earlier this week, Whitney Houston has made the decision to seek additional treatment.

She will hire a life coach who will be available to her round-the-clock and will help keep her on track with her drug and alcohol treatment.

It seems like Whitney is really serious this time and really wants to beat her addictions. A source says that "she really wants it this time."

We're really rooting for you, Whitney. We want you to get better and we're so glad to see that you're taking the necessary steps.

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Britney's Boyfriend Offering You Discounted Spears Concert Tickets! Nice!!!

Posted: 04 Jun 2011 12:40 PM PDT


What a good girlfriend Britney is!

She promoted her boyfriend Jason Trawick's website yesterday on her Twitter and even announced that she'll be selling her concert tickets for HALF-PRICE on his site!

This is what she posted:

In honor of Jason's new biz, has 1/2 price tix + a chance to join me on stage: Congrats Jason! xox -Brit

That is so rad, Brit Brit! Way to be supportive of your man AND being so giving to your fans! Those concert tickets were pretty expensive, girl! We're glad you're giving your fans a chance to buy them at half-price!

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Jersey Shore Season 4 In Italy Gets A Premiere Date And MORE JS Breaking News!!

Posted: 04 Jun 2011 12:20 PM PDT


Finally! The summer news you've been waiting for!

Jersey Shore Season 4 gets a premiere date! The season that brought the cast to the homeland in Florence, Italy will premiere on AUGUST 4 at 10 PM on MTV!!

And that's not all!! It's just been announced that the show will also be coming back for a SEASON 5, which will begin filming in June, back where it all began: Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

So, basically, after the cast finishes up their stay in Florence, they'll get right back into the swing of things and return to NJ to shoot Season 5 where it all began.

Money talks!!!!

Plus, MTV will are a one-hour Jersey Shore special on July 28 at 10 PM.

It's going to be another summer filled with fist pumping, GLTing, fights, and hook-ups!

Are U ready to get your guido/guidette on??

[Image via WENN.]

In Case You Missed It…

Posted: 04 Jun 2011 12:00 PM PDT

CLICK HERE to catch up on all the celebrity juice you may have missed this week!
CLICK HERE to catch up on all the celebrity juice you may have missed this week!
CLICK HERE to catch up on all the celebrity juice you may have missed this week!
CLICK HERE to catch up on all the celebrity juice you may have missed this week!
CLICK HERE to catch up on all the celebrity juice you may have missed this week!

Guess Who Makes A Surprise Cameo In X-Men: First Class?!

Posted: 04 Jun 2011 11:40 AM PDT



Check out which actor from the previous X-Men films makes a surprise appearance in X-Men: First Class, which opened today…AFTER THE JUMP!

What a nice way to tie this film the previous ones!

Check out the aforementioned clip, which features Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique morphing into the adult version of herself, played by Rebecca Romijn in the original X-Men trilogy (above)!

Nice! And SEKSI!

And apparently, this isn't the only surprise cameo either!

But we'll let you see that one for yourselves!

What do U think?? Will U be checking out X-Men: First Class??

Disney Vs. Dish Network

Posted: 04 Jun 2011 11:20 AM PDT

Toy Story Dish

Disney has some beef with Dish Network, which hit the big 3-0 this year!

In celebration of Dish Network's 30 years in business, the satellite company has decided to hand out to its customers one year of access to 7 different Starz channels for FREE.

The problem is that the access includes free access to Disney's recent releases, so the company has filed a lawsuit accusing Dish of breaching the "pay television" provisions of its contract and committing copyright infringement.

Luckily for Dish and it's viewers, a New York judge has denied a motion by Disney to enjoin the satellite TV company from distributing the studio's popular movies for free.

However, Dish isn't off the hook yet because the judge has not dismissed the case yet.

Similarly, in Colorado courts Starz filed a lawsuit in early May, but the judge has not yet ruled on the movie channel's request for preliminary injunctive relief.

Do U think that Dish has the right to give out Starz and the movies they air to their customers for free?

Fast Times at Ridgemont High Reunion!

Posted: 04 Jun 2011 10:40 AM PDT


This year, Spike TV is really pulling out all the stops for their awards show June 10th. They've decided to induct Fast Times at Ridgemont High into their Guy Movie Hall of Fame and to commemorate the ocassion, they've invited the entire original cast to reunite at the show.

And they've accepted! (Most of them..)

Sean Penn, Judge Reinhold, Robert Romanus, Brian Backer, Forest Whitaker and director Amy Heckerling will all be on hand to receive the honor.

Really, Jennifer Jason Leigh? What are you doing that night?!

Will U be tuning???

Federal Reserve Bank Of Richmond, VA Shows Their Pride!

Posted: 04 Jun 2011 10:20 AM PDT

Awesome! We think more banks should do the same!

The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Virginia is showing its support for the LGBT community throughout the month of June by flying a rainbow flag.

Obviously, we could not be more thrilled, but others, such as a Republican Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall and pastor Bishop Gerald O. Glenn are making a big stink about it.

Fortunately, there also seems to be a lot of support for the show of pride.

Check out the video above to see the flag flying in all it's glory as well as hear the opposing view points conflicting over the bank's decision.

Do U think it's okay for the bank to fly a gay pride flag during June, the nationally recognized gay pride month?

An Even Newer True Blood Season 4 Trailer!!

Posted: 04 Jun 2011 10:00 AM PDT


An even newer True Blood Season 4 trailer has been released and we can hardly contain our excitement!!! No, seriously, we are so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, excited.

Check out our favorite Bon Temps characters (above) and get excited too!

Um, did we just hear Eric say that Sookie was his??

GAAAH!! We love our favorite vamp and favorite Merlotte's waitress together!!

Is it June 26 yet??

Emma Watson Is Going To Premiere An Exclusive Potter Clip During The MTV Movie Awards!!

Posted: 04 Jun 2011 09:40 AM PDT

Emma Watson Exclusive MTV Movie Clip

What?! Fab!

We all know there is going to be an exclusive Twilight clip, and this year is the show down between the two movies for awards, so why wouldn't it be fair to drop an never-before-seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part II clip on the audience too??

Not only that, but Emma freaking Watson herself is going to introduce it!

You know what this means, guys! Make sure you're home on this Sunday to see it… and DVR it regardless!

Will U be watching??

[Image via WENN.]

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