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“James Franco phones it in for ‘Planet of the Apes’” links

Posted: 03 Jun 2011 11:12 AM PDT

First look at James Franco in Planet of the Apes. Meh. It doesn’t look bad, but they should have named it something else. [I'm Not Obsessed]
Jennifer Aniston TOPLESS! ZOMG. She's never done this before, ever! [IDLITW]
Courtney Love is a mysterious crackhead. [Go Fug Yourself]
Tito Ortiz is naked too. Isn't he banging Jenna Jameson? [The Blemish]
Amy Winehouse is totally clean and sober now, y'all. Six days in rehab. [Evil Beet]
Jimmy Fallon wants to be a father. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Oh, for God's sake! Is Cheryl Cole returning to the judge's table? [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
Sandra Bernhard boned Arnold. Ick. [Celebslam]
Channing Tatum as Rachel McAdams' love interest? Hm… [ONTD]
Stills from Miley Cyrus's new movie are kind of trashy. [Amy Grindhouse]
Charlie Sheen is almost dead, judging from this photo. [Radar]
Rihanna responds to her "Man Down" video controversy. [Bitten and Bound]
Blind item about Blake Lively's boob photos. [Celebs]
Gisele could become the first billionaire supermodel. [The Celebrity Café]
Camila Alves looks good here. [Hollywood Rag]
Vintage Angelina Jolie, for her 36th birthday! [CityRag]
Things I knew already: Jennifer Aniston's new dude already has a girlfriend. [Starpulse]
The evolution of Brad Pitt. [Moviefone]

Ewan McGregor’s pocket- granny (?) is totally adorable (update)

Posted: 03 Jun 2011 10:36 AM PDT


I asked CB if I should cover these photos, and she gave me a "Hell Yes," I think because Ewan McGregor looks hot here. And before you get all "Ewan hooked himself a cougar, because he really is that awesome" - that's his mother!!! Look how TINY she is. Ewan is not a big guy, at all. He's probably five foot nine or ten, tops. I bet his mum is under five feet tall. Crazy. Anyway, Ewan brought his mum to this event which was the preview exhibition for the Royal Academy of Arts, in Scotland. A plethora of B, C and D-List talent showed up and got their photos taken, and it was all rather sad… except for Ewan. Ewan can make any event a party.

UPDATE: Yes, it makes so much more sense if this is Ewan’s grandmother. And for those complaining about my “old as dirt” comment - take a joke, please. I didn’t say “I hate old people, every day.” I just correctly identified that this lovely pocket-granny was and is old as dirt.



Here's Chloe Moretz and her wonk eye. Don't care for the dress at all. Don't care for the "Let me show you I WORK IT" over-posing either. It’s an art exhibit preview, not Fashion Week. She's 14 years old going on 40.


I don't trust the tag on this photo, so I'm just saying that I don't know who this is, but he/she is wearing a really fug dress.


Remember Claire Forlani? She was supposed to be, like, the next Julia Roberts back in the day. Now she's married to Dougray Scott and supposedly living a quiet life in Scotland and LA. The dress washes her out.


Photos courtesy of Fame.

David Beckham high-pitched voice seems to be getting deeper, right?

Posted: 03 Jun 2011 10:10 AM PDT


Okay, this one video has made me fall in love with David Beckham. He was recently on Craig Ferguson's show, and he was so, so lovely. His voice didn't even bug me! I think his voice seems to be getting deeper, honestly. He seemed very relaxed and sweet… sigh, he's my lover now. First, here are some quotes where David is talking about how much he loves Queen Elizabeth! For. Real.

He is one of the most famous men in Britain and David Beckham has revealed that even the Queen takes an interest in his personal life. The footballer has told how Her Majesty asked after his wife Victoria when he met her at a state dinner in London last week.

Beckham, 36, was speaking to the Queen at the dinner attended by Barack Obama when she inquired about his pregnant wife. The footballer said: 'Funnily enough she knew I was having a baby in six weeks. It shocked me that she knew. I love the Queen.'

The LA Galaxy player made the revelation during an appearance on a U.S. talk show hosted by Scottish-born comedian Craig Ferguson.

Beckham also spoke about Prince William and Harry and said: 'We have seen them grow up into real men and go through so much in such a short space of time.'

The footballer also spoke about his love of tattoos, revealing that he would let his sons go under the needle when they had reached a certain age.

But he said he wouldn't allow the daughter his wife Victoria, 37, is expecting later this summer to get a tattoo.

He said: 'I'm not sure I would let her get tattoos but the boys I couldn't really argue with.'

He added: 'While I love them personally, I'm not sure they're going to look great when I'm 75.’

[From The Mail]

He does say that he did not cry during the royal wedding, but it seems like he was getting a little bit choked up while talking about how much he likes "the boys" so maybe he did cry. Can I just say? I finally get it. I get why women drop like flies around him. I get why it's so easy for him to screw around. The man melts panties. Here's the video of the interview. Around 8:30 mark is when David starts talking about the dinner:



Photos courtesy of Fame.

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